The Benefits of Singing and Training the Voice

by Angie

For all aspiring singers, training the voice means getting the most out of the vocal instrument, being able to command the voice with ease, and deliver a song in a way that connects with the listener. The beauty of a singers’ voice or his ability to command the instrument at will is often what fascinates audiences.

Training the voice with proper guidance will address issues regarding range, strength, flexibility, agility, intonation, coordination, and more. These are all of the obvious reasons for any aspiring singer to want to take up singing lessons and train the voice with proper technique.

But did you know that singing and training your own voice is also a very powerful healing tool?

I am referring to resonance, which is the basis of sound therapy. Every part of the body has a healthy frequency of resonance and the harmonics created by making certain sounds can actually help bring harmony to your entire self; as much at a scientific level as at a spiritual level. The vibrations of sound can change rhythms of the body such as your heartbeat, your breathing and even your brainwaves, not to mention the increase of consciousness or awareness!

So we could say that through your positive efforts spent towards training your voice, you are embarking on a journey of not only vocal transformation, but of self transformation and discovery as well.

Proper breathing and breath management is one of the key elements in singing and if we take a look at the benefits of working on the breath alone, you will understand what I am talking about when I say a “healing tool”.

Shallow breathing is often a sign of instability in the person. Emotions can seem to get out of control when focus is not redirected to finding a deeper, calmer breath. This can bring about feelings of anxiety, dependency, depression, …- not to mention the various health concerns and conditions that can arise from the lack of oxygen to the body due to shallow breathing.

Deep breathing alone helps detoxify the body, relieve stress and even lose weight! You could say that we inhale harmony and exhale dissonance. And of course, what us singers really want to hear; proper breathing and breath management will also bring vitality to the voice and improve your quality of sound.

It may all sound too good to be true… but it is. Singing can be that powerful.

With that in mind, I think I will start my daily practice now!

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