Fascinating Sounds by the Vocal Instrument

by Angie

The human voice is one of the most amazing and versatile instruments of all. It can produce extremely high and low notes, different colors and volumes of sound as well as suggest a ray of different emotions.

I have decided to dedicate this post to a few examples of these vocal possibilities that can be achieved with practice and proper knowledge of the instrument – but careful songbirds, because extremes sounds are not always so easy on the voice, especially when they are not done properly (remember last post; it should never hurt to sing!).

Here are a few examples I would like to share with you:

1) Extreme Low Notes- Tim Storms Sings Eight Hertz (look at ’28 seconds):

2) Extreme High Notes – Adam Lopez Guinness World Record (look at 2’41minutes):

3) Throat Singing – Steve Sklar and John Pascuzzi. Notice the harmonics and overtones?

4) Throat Singing – by a 5 Year Old Boy:

5) Young Talent: The Cactus Cuties sing The National Anthem:

6) Last, one of the singers I emulated when I started out as a teenager:

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